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The Rainmaker Grant Program

Named after Native American rainmakers who made good things happen, the HealthPlus Rainmaker Grant program provides funding to community organizations making a difference by providing needed health services.

Since 1994, the Rainmaker program has awarded $764,202 in grants to health-focused groups and projects.

2012 Rainmaker Program

Focus Area

The reduction and/or prevention of childhood obesity

Application Period

May 14, 2012 to June 15, 2012  July 20, 2012

Choose from the following:
Rainmaker Grant Guidelines
Rainmaker criteria, limitations, requirements, timelines, checklist and reports.
Rainmaker Grant Application Process
How to complete and submit the Rainmaker Grant application.
Submit a Rainmaker Grant Application
The 2012 application period has closed. 
Rainmaker Recipients
HealthPlus Rainmaker Grants fund programs that work to support and improve community health.